Abbey Physic
Community Garden
Faversham, Kent

Abbey Physic Community Garden

Abbey Place, Faversham, Kent   ME13 7BG

Phone:  01795 539915


Registered Charity No: 1119456  Registered Company No: 06015188

The garden is something special to each and everyone of us...

You are welcome to join us as a volunteer member or support us as a friend of

Abbey Physic Community Garden.

I became a fully paid-up member (£12 per annum) in September 2010, after moving to Faversham, into a retirement flat, and for the first time in my life, did not have a garden of my own.

My relationship with The Gardens is an every-changing one, from, during the first year, to digging, clearing, lawn cutting, general gardener, to the second year, I enjoyed the Open Days, and meeting The Public.  Then the third year I did an 8 week botanical  Art Class, courtesy of The Gardens, and was able to produce some artwork, which I photographed and put on to the computer, and then produced a variety of cards for sale at The Gardens.  This year, during July, I have enjoyed chatting and helping with the catering, on Open Days with the many visitors arriving.

Visitors from lots of different places, Sussex, Essex, Surrey, London, Wales, Windsor, France and Belgium, and these are the visitors I have spoken to this summer - incredible. 

The two managers, Suzanne and Richard, are both 100% committed to the Gardens, and the well-being of our members, and to fulfilling the terms of the various Grants we receive from various sources.  Theirs are multi-faceted roles.

I like all the other Members, we are a "motley crew" diverse interests, backgrounds, and needs and strengths and experiences, and we mesh together well - into a Community - "We are all in it together" to quote a famous person at "No. 10"  !!

The Abbey Physic Community Garden has been used as a Community Garden for over 20 years, People come, people go, we work/enjoy the open air life, being in touch with nature, and the ever-changing seasons, and ever-changing English weather, from the frosts to the 30 degrees plus, and everything in between.  To me its a wonderful Garden, a positive experience - roll on year 4!!!

I have been in the garden thirteen years, it’s my sanctuary where I have found some wonderful friends and given me my life back.

I enjoy the peace and quiet doing pottery, baking, and help to look after the green house.

I enjoy meeting the people that wonder in.

The garden is idyllic, a little haven, full of wildlife.  eg: Heron, 2 foxes with a litter of fox cubs and all different types of birds.  The wildlife pond is always full of frogs and newts and insects.

I am proud to be a member and volunteer of this beautiful garden.

(aged 65 and a quarter)

My life was lonely, but I came to the garden and all my problems were solved.

The peace and the company made my life worthwhile.  Enjoying the greenhouse and meeting people who frequent our wonderful garden, makes my life worth living again.

Thank you - Lis