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Health and Safety Policy

1.  Statement of intent

Abbey Physic Community Garden (APCG) aims to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for staff, member gardeners and committee members whilst at the garden and on any associated trips.   We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements, which we will make to implement the policy, are set out below.

The policy will be kept up to date, particularly as the APCG changes in nature and size to ensure our responsibilities are met in relation to:

To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed every year.

2.  Responsibilities

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety at APCG is that of the trustees.

The APCG Manager is responsible for this policy being carried out at the premises and for ensuring the preparation, implementation and review of risk assessments and safe work practices.

The APCG Manager is responsible for ensuring all members and staff are aware of health and safety policy and are given induction training.

It is the responsibility of all member gardeners and staff to bring to the attention of the Manager any deficiencies in safety arrangements, or any hazards which may come to their attention.

We make it clear to all visitors that it is the responsibility of parents/ guardians to supervise children under the age of 18 years.

3.  Member gardeners

All member gardeners have the responsibility to co-operate with supervisors and staff to achieve high standards of safety within the work area and to take reasonable care of themselves and others.  Deficiencies or defects in current arrangements must be reported to the Manager.

Consultation between management and members is provided by:

4.  Accidents

All accidents are to be reported to the Manager or Deputy Manager and are to be reported in the Accident Book to be found in top drawer of filing cabinet.

Report of any accident will be sent to the Health and Safety Executive if applicable.

5.  First aid

The First Aid Box is located in the pavilion above the sink.  All members will be shown the location of this on their induction.

A list of first aiders will be on display in the pavilion

APCG will strive to provide First Aid training for any members and staff wishing to undertake it.

6.  Fire safety

APCG operates a no smoking policy inside the pavilion and any other buildings on the premises.

Any bonfires in the garden must be supervised at all times.  Any member gardener wishing to start a bonfire must notify the Deputy Manager or Manager.  All members must take responsibility for any bonfire they start and ensure that it is completely out before leaving the premises.

All staff and members will be advised of the fire action procedure and the location of the fire assembly point at their induction, and have a duty to notify the Manager or Deputy Manager of any fire hazards they are aware of.

Fire evacuation drills are arranged by the Manager, practised at least annually and records maintained by the Manager of the evacuation time.

Fire fighting equipment is available inside the main door of the pavilion this is inspected by Kent County Council

In the event of an evacuation, the Attendance Register will be used as a roll call.  The Manager or Deputy Manager will complete a roll call and liaise with Fire Service personnel.

7.  Housekeeping and premises

All staff and members will monitor that:

Members will ensure that they co-operate with all reasonable requests from the supervisors and Managers to ensure the above standards are maintained.

NB - The severity of the problems caused by skin irritant plants should not be underestimated. Once a reaction has occurred, it can cause severe skin problems for years if not life. Anyone working in the garden should ask about any plant that they not familiar with and protective clothing should be worn where appropriate.

8.  Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is inspected annually by the Manager who ensures that PAT is completed annually.

The Managers will ensure a risk assessment is prepared and safe work practices are in place to ensure trailing wires are covered and fastened down, portable equipment is placed in a safe position, regular visual checks of equipment are made, and equipment faults are reported and corrected.

Staff and members must visually inspect equipment they use and report any defects or faults to the Manager.

9.  Manual work

It is the responsibility of all staff and members to ensure that, if necessary, they seek assistance when lifting or carrying heavy objects, or are undertaking repetitive manual work.

10.  Training

All staff and members will be advised of the Health and Safety Policy and will receive a Health and Safety 'walk round' from one of the Managers on their induction.  Any updates or changes to these arrangements will be discussed at gardeners' meetings and supervision sessions. Staff and members will be offered further Health and Safety training to support their identified needs appropriate to their work tasks.

11.  Risk assessments

It is the responsibility of the Managers to carry out risk assessments on a regular basis and keep a record of these.  This is required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulation (1992).

Policy agreed 27th March 2010

Policy reviewed 20 April 2016

Policy to be next reviewed 20 April 2017

Our Health & Safety Policy…